Leadership Columbia understands that barriers to resource access and financial strain can be a major hindrance for many rising leaders. In an effort to close this gap, we are pleased to offer needs-based financial aid for class members in the form of our Leadership Education Action and Development (LEAD) Scholarships.

The LEAD Scholarships were created with the following values in mind:

  • Leadership: Participants develop and fine tune their leadership qualities throughout the course of the program, emerging with the necessary skills to become effective leaders in the community.
  • Education: Through the program's class days, participants are exposed to a wide range of critical topics and issues in the Columbia region, with a strong emphasis on social and community awareness.
  • Action: Leadership Columbia aims to provide an educational and skills-building experience that helps participants identify how their individual talents and passions can best be used to serve the community after the end of the program.
  • Development: The program encourages professional and personal growth within participants through diverse opportunities for networking, community involvement and building lasting relationships with fellow leaders and the community at large.

Who is eligible for a LEAD Scholarship? 

LEAD Scholarships are awarded to recipients who are dedicated to the values and mission of the program. LEAD Scholarships are primarily needs-based and the Chamber strives to identify potential recipients who would represent a valuable investment in our community. As we aim to foster a more inclusive leadership development environment, individuals working in hospitality industries, small businesses, government employees, and non-profits are eligible to apply.

Why should my company/business fund a Leadership Columbia scholarship?

Leadership Columbia plays an important role in developing an enduring source of diverse and civic-minded leaders who are prepared and committed to serving the community. The program is an integral factor in growing and retaining quality local leadership in the Midlands. By choosing to fund a scholarship, your company is providing an opportunity for a recipient to not only strengthen their leadership skills, but to identify how their talents may be best used to serve the Midlands.

Leadership Columbia scholarships are a unique chance for local businesses to invest back in their community by providing opportunities for current and emerging leaders to cultivate their leadership skills in a way that allows them to better engage with and enrich the Midlands. A portion of your scholarship donation is also tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

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