Military Affairs
e Most Military Friendly Community in America"

Columbia, SC has been named a “Purple Heart City” and prides itself on being the most military friendly city in America. With the presence of Fort Jackson, U.S. Army base in the city, there is a significant military footprint in Columbia’s economy and environment.

Fort Jackson, as the U.S. Army’s main production center for Basic Combat Training, trains 50 percent of the Army’s Basic Combat Training load and 60 percent of the women entering the Army each year. Providing the Army with trained, disciplined, motivated and physically fit warriors who espouse the Army's core values and are focused on teamwork is the post's primary mission. Accomplishing that mission means training in excess of 36,000 basic training and 8,000 advanced individual training Soldiers every year.

The post has other missions as well. Fort Jackson is home to the U.S. Army Soldier Support Institute, the Armed Forces Army Chaplaincy Center and School and the National Center for Credibility Assessment (formerly the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute). It also is home to the Army’s Drill Sergeant School, which trains all active and Reserve instructors.

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Fort Jackson and the surrounding community will be celebrating 100 Years of Service! Visit our page for more information about the centennial celebration, or click here for a list of upcoming centennial events.